Brian Capper Traverses Stadium Arch

10-time South African Motorcycling Champion and master of the trials bike, Brian Capper has achieved many things in an exciting career but until last week he had not attempted to traverse the famous arch of the Moses Mabhida Stadium on his motorbike.

On Friday, the 2nd of December 2011, ten time South African Motorcycling Champion and master of the Trials Bike, Brian Capper traversed the arch of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa on his motorbike – defying the force of gravity.

The 350-metre long and 106-metre high arch is the largest of its kind in the world, with 550 stairs from base to the top; setting a massive challenge for Capper to overcome.

Capper was excited about his achievement. “For months now; it’s been a process of getting my mind around the magnitude of doing this. Before today the most stairs I’ve climbed is 20. And now I’ve accomplished it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling”.

Brian rode his 2012 Beta Evo 300 Trial Bike over the arch. Weighing only 65kg the speciality bike was perfect for the task at hand, as a regular motocross bike would have made it impossible to maintain momentum on the ascent.
Although regarded as one of South Africa’s most talented and versatile riders, Brian’s first love will always be trick riding.

“Whatever you can imagine, it is possible. That is the reason why I love free riding. There are no limits.”

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