XRX Xtreme Riding Xhibitions

What are the exhibitions all about?

The show is a 25 minute action-packed display of skill, using a custom-built portable rig.  The setup is up and running within 15 minutes of arriving at a venue, and a full PA system with background music, compare and cordless mic gets the crowd going within minutes! Volunteers try their hand at balancing the 65kg Trials bike and the very brave lie down and let Brian ride over, across and around them, displaying his fine balance and skill. Brian will even jump right over up to 10 or 12 people! Other unbelievable feats include jumping up onto 2m high steel boxes and 2.5m high tables, bridging 1m gaps with no margin for error, and 3m tall vertical walls!

Brian started riding Footup Trials at 11 years of age. After competing for 7 years, he won his 1st S.A. Title in 1997. In 1998, he left to campaign the U.S.A. AMA National Trials Championships, finishing 7th overall. He then went on to attain 4th place in a World Round Event in Sacramento, California.

Brian then started the first Foot-up Trials show in the country, designed and brought back from America, Xtreme Riding Xhibitions. He has taken his show all over the U.S.A, Australia and South Africa. His world-class show has been performed at the Nassau Collisium in New York in front of 35 000 spectators, and i 2000, He was invited to Australia to perform this show in an International Monster Truck Show’s nation-wide tour, which was ve successful. The show was a Big contribution to the Ian Soanes Motor Stunt Show, otherwise known as BIGFOOT, and toured S.A and Australia together for two years.

Brian now performs his crowd-pleasing shows all over South Africa for all types of shows and to all crowd sizes. From public exhibitions to corporate and private functions, the action packed show entertains and stuns people of all ages.